Living Here

Our Vision

La Querencia models a sustainable way of life by cultivating an atmosphere of trust
and nurturing a sense of belonging.  Our homes and the spaces we share exemplify the   environmental stewardship we value. We celebrate together, break bread together, encourage each other, and work together to create an earth-friendly, intergenerational community of friends.

Our Values

  • Privacy
  • Balancing private and public time and space
  • Fun
  • Playing and celebrating together
  • Creating a joyful community through planned and spontaneous activities 

Sharing resources, ideas, meals, experiences, and responsibility for the care and maintenance of our community.


A sense of belonging, where people of all ages are valued, are mindful of each other’s needs, and can learn from and encourage each other
An atmosphere of trust and honesty, where people listen to each other and are heard.


Being good neighbors, citizens, and stewards of the Earth who are aware of the effects of our actions on those with whom we share our neighborhood and our world. Click here to find out about sustainable features of our homes: SDFFC

Creating and maintaining an aesthetically pleasing community of enduring worth.

Committees – We have three committees that handle the work of managing our community.  They are described here,

Consensus – Click on this link for a description of our decision making processes.

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