What is cohousing? Cohousing is a form of collaborative housing that offers residents an old-fashioned sense of neighborhood. In cohousing, residents know their neighbors well, and there is a strong sense of community that is usually absent in contemporary cities and suburbs. By participating in the planning and design of some aspects of their housing development, and then managing the community together, residents form bonds which are the basis of ongoing community. Cohousing emphasizes a supportive, intergenerational community. Members of a cohousing group generally come together around a shared vision and values.

Cohousing communities consist of private, fully-equipped homes and extensive common amenities including a common house and recreation areas. They are designed and managed by the residents, who have chosen to live in a close-knit neighborhood that seeks a healthy blend of privacy and community.

In addition to the obvious social advantages of living near friends, residents may have more free time, because many of the routine activities of life can be shared; such as dinners, gardens and yard work. Expensive and/or rarely used tools, kitchen items, and recreational equipment purchased by the group can be available to all. Car-pooling is easier to arrange.

How is cohousing different from a condominium development? Legally, Fresno Cohousing functions just like any other condominium development. We have a homeowners’ association, shared grounds and common facilities. But unlike typical condominium developments, cohousing is designed specifically to foster a sense of community. By giving careful consideration to the placement of residences, parking, walkways, swimming pool, play and garden areas, open spaces, and the common house, cohousing maximizes opportunities for neighbors to cross paths throughout the day. Cohousers often cook and eat dinner together in the common house a few times a week. The homeowners’ association requirements include participating in community work as well as the usual membership fees. Cohousing is also different from an ordinary condominium development in that the residents have come together for the express purpose of building and living in a community together. From its inception, each cohousing development is characterized by this commitment to community.

What uniquely characterizes Fresno Cohousing? Our particular community has come together around a shared vision based on friendship, trust, and safety. We believe that our commitment to living in close proximity to people we have chosen as neighbors and friends enriches our everyday lives. Our cohousing community also embodies a number of values that we share, including: communication, acceptance, personal growth, respect for privacy, fun, teamwork, interconnection, beauty, and a sense of family.


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